Who, me – living in poverty??

Green Ideas by Carl Duivenvoorden

Taking back the only thing that is truly ours

If poverty is having less than you need, many of us live in a new kind of poverty brought on by the demands of our hurried, frenzied world: time poverty.  I came across that phrase recently in The Better World Handbook (New Society Publishers).

From the book: “The quest to “have it all” has programmed us to have overscheduled, frazzled, harried lives where we run from place to place without much sense of where we are going.  Stretching ourselves too thinly sucks out the meaning of daily experiences.”  It’s not very good for the planet either.

The authors suggest, “We must learn to think, feel, communicate and experience the world beyond the confines of material possessions.  We must commit to leading lives fuelled by compassion and love rather than by consumption and personal gain.”

In other words, if life…

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An essential resource before you buy a vehicle

Green Ideas by Carl Duivenvoorden

EnerGuide for Vehicles, the definitive guide to fuel economy

Few of us really know the fuel consumption of our vehicles. We may have a rough idea of how far we can travel on a $50 fillup, but that’s a pretty poor measure since fuel tanks vary in size and gas prices are always changing.

The real measure of a vehicle’s fuel economy is how many litres it consumes to go 100 kilometres, or its imperial system equivalent, how many miles you go on a gallon. And the very best place to get unbiased comparisons between vehicles is Natural Resources Canada’s fuel consumption ratings search tool. It’s a database that lists the official fuel economy of every make and model of vehicle sold in Canada since 1995. It allows you to find the best ones, or compare the models you’re considering. An invaluable tool for any vehicle buyer!

And –…

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The ABC’s of Global Climate Change


Prepared by Kim Perrotta, Executive Director, CAPE, February 17, 2016

Siur-thinkstock-480457436-Coal StacksIn 2015, the International Panel on Climate Change (Panel) reported that: greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from human activity are now higher than any other period in human history; the concentration of GHGs in the atmosphere is now higher than at any other time in the last 800,000 years; and it is “extremely likely” that emissions from human activity, along with other human activities such as deforestation, have been the dominant cause of global warming since the mid-20th century (1).

The Panel reported that, in 2010, approximately 49 Gigatonnes (Gt) of GHGs were emitted from human activity, and that fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes were responsible for more than three quarters of those emissions (1).

51Systems-Thinkstock-490736941-Flooded NeighbourhoodAccording to the Panel, there is fairly strong to very strong evidence that climate change has: more than doubled…

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The emissions of electricity

Green Ideas by Carl Duivenvoorden

How much CO2 is produced per kilowatt-hour of power I use?

It’s easy to not think of greenhouse gas emissions when we turn on lights, televisions or heaters. But power generation produces 25% of global emissions, more than any other sector.

So just how much CO2 is produced for each kilowatt-hour (KWH) we consume?

The answer is: it depends on where you live, because power is generated differently in each province. In Canada, the ‘greenest’ power is in Quebec – just three grams CO2 per KWH – because that province is so rich in hydroelectric resources. (Hence Quebec’s big push toward electric vehicles.) Manitoba is close behind, with just four g/KWH. Then come BC (17 g) and NL (21 g).

At the other end of the spectrum are Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia, with 820, 770 and 740 g/KWH respectively. All three are heavily reliant on fossil fuels, particularly coal…

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FNB joins Alternatives for Women to Take Back the NIght!

Food Not Bombs in Prince Edward County

First there was a free, warming meal.


Then art took over and signs were made.



We gathered with spirits high ready to head out!


And we marched on Picton’s Main Street, from Ross Street to Timmy’s and back.



Women young and old, with support from allies for music – thanks Hri! – and photography by our friend Ramesh (responsible for these amazing shots), we chanted loud and clear and were often encouraged by honks from passing cars. Cops showed up at the end, but by then, we were done…and triumphant in Taking Back the Night!
Our goal was to raise awareness of the prevalence of sexual assault and all forms of violence against women, and to stand in solidarity with our sisters, including survivors of abuse.
Did you know that, on average, every six days a woman is killed in Canada by her intimate partner? Half of all women in…

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Public servant investigated over political ‘Harperman’ song

Ottawa Citizen

An Ottawa federal scientist is being investigated for breaching the public service’s ethics code for writing and performing a highly political protest song to get rid of the Harper government.

Tony Turner, a scientist in habitat planning at Environment Canada, was recently sent home on leave with pay while the government investigates the making of Harperman, a music video posted on YouTube in early June that has attracted about 48,000 hits.

Mark Johnson, a spokesman for Environment Canada, said the department wouldn’t be commenting on the case because of “privacy concerns.” He said public servants agree to comply with the value and ethics code — which lays out expected behaviours — when they join the government regardless of their level or job.

The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, which represents federal scientists, said the union was representing Turner. It said he was put on leave pending the outcome of…

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The War of Winds

Here you will find some thoughtful insights into an issue which is so often blown out of all proportion by many media, politicians and some of the public. Perspective and reality would be helpful and a lot less emotional reactions if we are to deal together as the human species with climate change. undoubtedly the defining challenge of our generation.

Left Wing Pinko

Lego_Wind_Farm Miniland Wind Farm, Legoland, Windsor, England

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change green-lighted two new energy sources in South Eastern Ontario. The first is a 900 MW new gas-fuelled electricity generating station near Bath, Ontario (just south of Napanee). The second is a 27-turbine wind farm just a short ferry ride across Adolphus Reach and destined for the south side of Prince Edward County. With climate change effects on our environment and the health of the planet, it appears reasonable that the County would broadly accept renewable energy alternatives as part of Ontario’s new energy strategy. But they don’t.

Ontario's Energy Mix at a Glance Source: Wikipedia

Currently in the Province of Ontario, power comes from three main sources: fossil fuels (mostly gas), nuclear, and hydroelectric while renewable energy and bio mass account for a small percentage of our energy mix (less than 4%).

Just last month, the Calgary based TransCanada – the…

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